I solve problems through beautiful, accessible, user centric design.

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Design detail down to the last pixel - Visual designs that instill trust, and maintain consistency. I create solution design, wireframes, and high fidelity designs for products, dashboards, marketing and e-commerce sites.

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Gain a thorough understanding of the project by digging into the project goals, audience, measurement data, and requirements.

Low-fi Wireframe

Create low-fidelity wireframes (whiteboard, pen and paper, Balsamiq) to visually show solution design.

Test and Revise

Test wireframe concepts with stakeholders, users, internal staff to ensure the solution solves the problem.


Present the refined solution in a wirframe with more detail, capturing layout and notes about design.

Visual Design

Create beautiful, accessbile, purposeful design that incorporates branding, typography, and colour palette.

Deliver and Evolve

Provide design and interaction files, and relevant HTML/CSS code to accurately portray the design vision. Test, measure and evolve over time.


Nour Design
Nour Design

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Kyle constantly pushes the boundaries of what we produce, and works with us to create better and better processes for the work that we do.

Matt Inglot - Owner of Tilted Pixel Inc.

Kyle always has the ability to roll with the punches and his quality of work, speed and understanding of end user needs is exceptional!

Katrina Armstrong - Social Management

Kyle is a key contributor to our project process, from requirements gathering, wire framing, prototyping, design, development and testing (and everything else in between). Kyle always had a great attitude and was a positive influence to the people around him.

Pamela Braza - Manager

I can't say enough good things about what he's brought to the team dynamics and to me personally as a mentor. He is a very mindful, analytical and authentic presence. Someone who often acts as a voice of reason in high stress situations.

Roxana Lovrekovic - Community Facilitator